We offer a global Sourcing:
We Identify your needs in terms of product, quality, price and delivery term with our logistics service.

We look for continuity of quality products and freshness, according to destinations and specifications you need, and according to your tastes or favorite brands.

We are able to pack fruits and vegetables in all kinds of packaging (bulk, flow pack, nets, bags, punnets…)

Do you want to know what products we sell?

We have a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, both conventional and organic

We cover an extensive production area: Almería, Granada and Murcia among others…

Control quality production at the origin of the products supplied, to gain in freshness and product quality…

We negotiate the most competitive buying prices for you: Our knowledge of home market at origin allows us to be more responsive and to supply you products that will most suits you between all buying options.

Our logistics service manages best options to shorten delivery times and with the best service possible.

Advantages of our Service
  • More direct purchases customer – farmer. Possibility to invoice directly our producer partner.
  • More transparency and confidence in the business relationship.
  • Availability 24h/24h to address your needs.
  • We want our growers and customers satisfied with our services for a relationship of continuity in time.
  • Your favorite brands: if you want to receive a specific brand or a specific image for quality… we look for it for you.
  • We care to manage documentation in the Customs procedures at the origin.
  • As we cover several production areas, we can extend production seasons, providing products for longer periods… we work 12 months, so we can provide the product at all times looking for the best production area.

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We offer you the best service according to your preferences.

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