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ISAM, the International School of Agri Management was born from the knowledge of the agricultural sector and its values as the first International Business School oriented to cover the present and future training needs of the agribusiness sector worldwide. Located in Almeria, one of the main agricultural hubs in the world, it takes advantage of its geographical location to offer international master’s degrees in agribusiness.



3R is a multidisciplinary show born of the need to collaborate with our planet. We are part of a society that does not end up being aware of the obligation we have to the Earth, increasingly contaminated by non-biodegradable waste. With the aim of raising awareness of the importance of 3R (Reduce, Recycle and Reuse). Cortatu Estilistas has involved numerous artists in this scenic setting where music, dance, theater, hairdressing, makeup, photography, video art, social integration, fashion and sports converge. . Because the change will only happen with the sum of small efforts. This show was on October 21th at the Cervantes Theater in Almería.

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